7 days, 4 cities , 3 friends & 1 train ticket

I’m back ! I couldn’t post anything the last two weeks because I had to focus on my exams. But now I’m ready to start writing again. This week I wanted to share my travel plans with you. I’m not a beach-sand-sun kinda girl so this year I’m visiting 4 cities with 2 friends in one week.

I’ll explain the plan. We’re going to take the plane from Eindhoven to Budapest. We’ll be staying there for 3 nights. A friend of mine lives there and I haven’t seen her for 3 years. She’s a local so we’ll see  an other part of the city away from the all tourist attractions! The next stop is Wien. We’ll be traveling by train. I love the whole concept of Interrail, no traffic stress, you can see the countryside, talk with people on the train. We haven’t decided yet if we’re going to stay there for one night or just take the train in the evening to Praha. The third stop is Praha and we’re going to end our journey in Berlin. One day to visit the city and the next day we’ll be taking the plane home to Brussels.  So if you have some shopping,eating, party tips ; always welcome!

Today I received my “thanks for choosing Interrail” gift. I got a T-shirt, bag, a deck of playing cards, a score game, a travel guide and a green rain coat. It was totally unexpected so it kinda made my day. So thank you Interrail! A few weeks ago I bought my backpack and the guy in the store said to me ” 40l will be more than enough for one week”. My respons: ” Okay so where can I find the 55l backpack because a girl needs to shop!” Haha, I travel low budget so I can shop a bit more in the cities I visit.

I wish you all a great weekend and my other posts will be online very soon.