London Looters

The last two weeks I told you guys about my trip to Milan and now I would like to give my full attention to my stay in London! This trip was a gift (and surprise!) from my boyfriend Maxime and oh boy, he sure does know what I really like! He made a complete travel journal with things we absolutely had to do. Of course there were A LOT of shops in it but also some very charming places to eat or have coffee. In my next post, I will gladly give you the addresses, reviews and pictures! In the meantime, enjoy some of the pictures we took during our stay.

We stayed at a really cosy mews house in the centre of London. Our host was a lovely and admirable lady named Jo, who helped us a lot. She was great company in the evenings because she had so many impressive stories to tell.

In my opinion, London is such a innovative and vibrant city. I certainly found something amazing in every neighbourhood. If I had to pick my favourite area, I’d definitely go for Kensington. To us, it looked like a small city within the city.

We look funny here, don’t we?

We have also met up with the lovely Sofie and her boyfriend for a couple of times. She’s a Belgian girl living abroad and currently staying in London. They absolutely made our stay even better!

Oh don’t mind this cool dude over here, he was always standing at this tube station… like EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!

I still have a lot to tell you, you lovely readers of mine! Just keep an eye on this blog for the next London post.