Real British chippy with a modern twist

I know what you’re thinking… Is she really making a blog post about a typical British meal? Wellllll… yes. Here’s a confession: I’m actually a really big supporter of authentic dishes with a modern twist.

Last week I told you a little something about my trip to London, but now I’d like to share some reaallly cool places there. Of course I’m not taking all the credit for this one. Like I told you before, this trip was a gift from my boyfriend and he put this place on our to-do list!

As some of you might know. I’m misses Health herself! I love fresh fruits and vegetables and all things healthy. Of course there is plenty of room to sin too. I do confess a serious weakness for sweets, especially dark chocolate. I would normally never eat fried things for lunch, but this was really worth the exception.

First of all, take a look at the amazing interior! These people really know how to turn a classic place into an awesome place to eat fish & chips. Actually, the interior convinced us to stay there and have a meal.

Golden Union is well-known between the locals. The place was jam-packed with people who were having a lunch date, or people who just wanted some fish & chips for take-out since fish and chips is the classic English take-away food. We obviously were the odd ones out. Luckily the waitress was so kind, she told us the cod and fries are the traditional fish & chips. They also sell many other kinds of fish, especially other white fish, or rock salmon, so it was a difficult choice!

We were both pleasantly surprised. It was a very heavy lunch, but I am quite sure you can not find a better fish and chips in town. Don’t forget to visit this place when you’re on a trip in London!

Golden Union Fish Bar