Pinko: Mix it all up!

Fashionably late is the understatement of the week. That’s the least we can say. Last week, we had the opportunity to go to the annual Pinko trunk show in their flagship store in Antwerp. They delighted us with their knowledge of the winter trends this year and they gave us some useful tips to combine their collection. Sadly, we relied on public transportation, which is the reason we both arrived way too late!

We absolutely have nothing bad to say about our welcome and treatment at the show. Although we were both not so fashionably late (1hour late doesn’t count… right?), the people were so friendly to guide us to the show. They pampered us with delicious MoMade cupcakes (the best cupcakes you can find in Antwerp! we did a post about it HERE) and other yummy bites.

That’s enough flattery for now, time for our favourite pieces of the Pinko collection!
The entire outfit is just stunning. We are big fans of the combination grey-pink. The scarf immediately drew our attention. We would love to have one of those when it’s freezing outside. We are not big fans of the boots but… you can’t love everything right?

A beautiful lace jacket to wear over a dress, need we say more?

On top of our supreme value for money list: a jacket wearable as scarf.

This top is only suitable for special occasions given the open back. This beautiful piece makes sure you jump out of the crowd!

The combination of the necklace and dress is definitely marvellous, don’t you think?

This astonishing piece of clothing immediately drew our attention. Very bold and striking… exactly what we like! A little fact : you can remove it from the t-shirt and wear it for example on a simple black dress.

We saw this incredible purse passing by, no chance at photographing it at all. Luckily, the staff allowed us to take a picture after the show. Don’t you just love it? This piece is definitely on the list of clothes we would love to have in our closets.

The model in the picture above got a really cute compliment from the little boy in the corner. This child was around 4 years old and while she was showing this look, he clapped his hands and screamed “WAUW”. Everybody started laughing. This illustrates the relaxed atmosphere during the show. Thumbs up for the Pinko/Media mania team.

Julie & Britt