Helmut Newton

I have a confession to make; I adore going to Paris, even when it is only for one day. Yesterday I went with my good friend Bart. When I showed his this video about the Helmut Newton exhibition in Grand Palais; he immediately said, let’s go! (Great having these kind of friends!).

I really like Helmut’s work. He doesn’t make your typical editorial photograph. The models play a huge role in his pictures and this makes it even more interesting. Dynamic shots, great use of his flash & original settings.


The exhibition was quite big and a lot of his work was there. It was worth it going all the way to Paris for it! (You can see one of the 4 rooms in the picture below)

 If you are a fan, don’t hesitate and just go. It’s always fun going to Paris, especially when there is an exhibition of one of your favorite photographers.


ps: little tip; book your tickets online, there was a HUGE line!