My Yashica-Mat 6×6 TLR

The tradition of searching for cool stuff on a flea market all began when I was a child. Every year in May, June & September there is a huge flea market my neighborhood Zurenborg in Antwerp. It all takes place on the square Dageraadplaats. This year I had a mission : I wanted to expand my collection of analogue camera’s. I got lucky during the market in May. I came across this old Yashica-Mat and I didn’t even hesitate to buy it. Of course I checked if everything still worked before handing over the money. Below you can see some of the test results and I have to admit I’m surprised. You never know if the camera still functions perfectly but this one does!

I love the exciting part of developing a film. Nowadays you can see the results instantly on your camera so there are no surprises. But with analogue photography you have to wait until you’re out of film so you can develop it.

I’m quite pleased with the result so I decided to continue developing films myself and exploring the world of analogue photography. So don’t forget to check our site regularly so you won’t miss my latest addition to my collection of analogue camera’s. Let me know what you think of the results. Tips are always welcome!


ps: I’ve posted the pictures in High Quality on our Flickr Account