Matterhorn 006

I love going out in my home town Antwerp with my closest friends, but sometimes you have to explore new territories. That’s how I ended up in Ghent last night with a new group of party animals for the sixth edition of Matterhorn. And as you can see in the pics: we went crazy and just owned the night.

A big thanks to my pal Paul (left) for inviting me, as well as to his cool flatmate Sunny (right).

The organizers of Matterhorn really took it to the next level for this edition in Club 69. Rosalie and Amélie of the DJ collective Søren also played at the Bitch party at Culture Club that night as part of the all-female DJ concept.

The other organizers/DJs (ltr. Silas, Arthur and Sam) made sure we stayed on the dancefloor till after 7am.

Thanks Matterhorn and party crew!