My Polaroid Project

I’ve finally completed my Polaroid photo album after more than one year! 123 pictures, divided over three years. It was a hard job to make a selection for this post, but here they are.

One of the first Polaroid pictures I’ve ever made, was from our very own Strutter View contributor Julie. I’m crazy about her Wonder Woman vibe.

The girl on the bottom right with the rose is the one who encouraged me to buy a Polaroid 600 camera. Eternal gratitude to you, Lynda!
The pictures below were taken on New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 and on my 20th birthday.

Unfortunately Polaroid stopped producing its magnifiscent Polaroid 600 film, so I had to switch to the Impossible Project’s PX 600 Silver Shade. The results are completely different and it’s even a bigger surprise how the photos will turn out, but that’s part of the excitement, right? In any case, there will always be a place in my heart for instant photography.