亚历克斯挖洞了自己是一个非常精细的NHL生涯。 (Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)”n



伙计们想出来的,谁又能责怪他们,而现在任何希望,韦伯可以是任何东西只打了26场比赛,去年都可能破灭后,类似于1号防守队员。 It’s not so much that he’s going to miss a quarter of the season, so much as it is he missed like two-thirds of last year’s too.

这是刚开始感觉像曲棍球神在已经埋在它的一个雪崩队打桩痛苦的方式。 “You want to trade the $10 million hospital donation guy for an older, worse player? Let’s see how that works out for you.” Weber’s odds of being as effective as he was before these injuries are probably pretty low. He’s turning 33 in about a month and guys don’t come back from these kinds of injuries playing the same way they used to, right? More concerning for the Canadiens is that he’s locked in for nearly $7.86 million AAV (although at much less than that in terms of actual dollars) through…….. 2026.

我做了NHL网络电台,上周五,他们问潜在的解决方案哈布斯能想出在这里。 Short of trading最大帕西奥雷蒂对于一个前三名的防守队员来说,这会造成他们自己的问题,我什么也看不到。UFA市场上没有特别好的防守队员。在赛季的头两个月里,你只需要把每个人都挤在队伍里,咬紧牙关。真是个噩梦。




这样是反应时岛民给罗斯·约翰斯顿四年里$ 1百万AAV。 But it’s understandable: Johnston got more years on this deal than he has career NHL goals. He’s 24, had almost 200 PIMs in just 62 games across the AHL and NHL last season, and was in the ECHL for a spell as recently as 2015-16.

这是一个家伙是谁,呃,不好。 He’s bad. No other way to say it. An insanely ineffective player who only got signed because he averages like two hits a game and Lou Lamoriello loves guys like that.

人们想知道为什么约翰·塔瓦雷斯剩下? The Leafs said they’d sign Matthews, Marner, and Nylander. Lamoriello probably said he’d get to play alongside Val Filppula.

我的意思是说实话,看看自7月1日交易得到了什么娄做了(!)麦特·马田, 签莱奥·科马洛夫四年来,被锁在丝带里,延长了罗斯的生命。比如说,这部电影到底是怎么回事?

这支球队还不如不玩这个赛季。 They’re gonna be bottom-three, easy. How are you not insanely depressed if you’re an Isles fan? How do you not look at Tavares leaving and go, “Well no kidding.”




这是回到那个东西我说了几个星期前约并不是真正相信这些东西,直到事情都很好,真正解决。 At this time of year, people have an interest in selling you these rumors, and you’re a lot more likely to bite on them because there’s less going on in the sport.

什么真的会搞笑的是,如果拉斯维加斯传来无处出来,一个相对安静的自由球员时期后进行交易。 I’m rooting for that as much as I am to see Karlsson on Tampa.


因为多伦多的媒体绝对是棒极了,他们已经开始争论John Tavares和奥斯顿·马修斯不是朋友可言,实际上天敌讨厌对方。

想象一下,愚蠢的,足以相信这些各种各样的传言。 Because it was like three weeks ago that they were trying to be like, “Auston Matthews is plotting to murder Mike Babcock click here for proof,” and then both of them were like, “C’mon guys,” so we’ve moved on to the Battle For the No. 1 Center Spot: This Time It’s Personal.





你难道不想看看这些天你有什么选择吗?尤其是因为有多少球队愿意做出改变,让UFAs成为la Tavares。




嘿,说到这,喊出来的螺栓固定在$ 9.5万AAV的相对便宜的价格在库切罗夫锁定了八年。 Most of that’s in bonuses but who cares. He’s 25 and he’s second in scoring over the last two seasons behind Connor McDavid, who makes considerably more than that.


但随着这份合同的事情,也对卡尔森希望他口述的着陆点,也是帕纳林谣言的传闻,也许我们已经开始看到了NHL要在NBA的方向。 Maybe elite talents are starting to realize they can punch their ticket anywhere they want, and they want to play with other great players and have a shot at a championship while also getting rich.




But while I understand why people don’t like the player, for obvious reasons, you gotta respect the fact that he’s probably the best linemate the Sedins ever had and made a whole ton of money for a guy who played parts of four different seasons in the ECHL.



嗯,我们甚至还没有到7月15日,它已经感觉就像没有任何事情发生在夏天的休息。 Probably the Karlsson trade will keep us all busy for a few days but otherwise what are we really looking forward to? The damn Patrick Maroon signing? Cool.)